MVP 2020 Memorial Day Trick Shot Contest!

We are proud to Partner with Activate MKE to bring to the world the first ever trick shot contest. Our Memorial Day Trick Shot Contest will be live streamed from our Facebook account so make sure to go like and follow our Facebook to see this event. Here is everything you need to know. 

What are the Rules?

1. In the two round event, participants can perform any trick shot they choose.

Round One - Contestants will play a game of MVP. Instead of P.I.G. its M.V.P. The player who wins this round will gain a score of 7 headed into the second round. That means the player who loses the first rounds total score has to be more than 7 points to win the contest. 

Round Two - In this round each contestant will have the opportunity to do two trick shots using whatever is available to them. Whoever's turn it is, can use the other contestants to assist in the trick but the main contestant has to finish the shot. 

1. The players have a maximum of three attempts to complete each trick shot in the second round. 

2. Three judges score every trick shot on a scale of 6 to 10, resulting in a high score of 30 and a low score of 18. 

3. Competitors get two trick shots in the second round. The player with the highest combined score for their two trick shots wins.


Whos Judging?  

1. Michael Carter-Williams 

2. Trevor Booker 

3. Andrew Rowsey 


Who's Competing? 

Ryan Neon Citro 

Dave "Shifty"Pierre 



Where will the money go? 

Cream Skills Basketball Association  Milwaukee, WI

For more information go to :

Mascot Miracles Foundation Salt Lake City, UT

For more information go to : 




  1. Sport Court Wisconsin | Alec Hartsuiker 
  2. Breaking and Entering | Allen Hallas 
  3. Cream City Central | Jeremy Wasurick 
  4. National Youth Basketball League | Damion Key 
  5. TankThink Media Production | Wes Tank 
  6. Augusta Sports Council | 
  7. MVP Ball | Jaleel Roberts & Dereck Rodriguez
  8. Activate MKE | Joseph J. Franke
  9. BTDs | 
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