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Introducing our Versatile indoor/outdoor international basketball. This ball in made from the PU leather that works Best in the gym but can be used on the blacktop. Push your skills to the maximum with state-of-the-art basketball technology. Low quality, over-priced basketballs are a thing of the past. Every ball is stamped with our seal of approval; so you know it can handle the blood, sweat and tears that come with becoming an MVP. 

Made with PU Leather 


MVP Stamp of approval 

  • THE BEST INDOOR/OUTDOOR BASKETBALL : The MVP overseas Ball is used all over the world. We offer a different style and a superior quality. This basketball is love at first dribble. Who would have thought that a high quality basketball could be so affordable? 


  • Authentic MVP FEEL: This is the ball that professionals craveThis ball is loved by guards and bigs all over the world.


  • GRIP & DURABILITY: The Premium Moisture Absorbing Composite Cover provides grip that players love and durability to last in any weather. This basketball is as versatile as your team you can use the ball inside to score down low or outside to shoot from behind the arc. 


  • ABSOLUTE CONTROL: Laid-in Composite Channels create a consistent feel and texture over the entire surface of the basketball to provide unparalleled control. You will notice the difference every time this ball leaves your fingertips. 


Maximum Versatile Performance 

Maximum Versatile Performance Ball, is a basketball brand founded in 2019 with the sole purpose of providing the best quality sports equipment at an affordable price. Basketball has inspired billions of people around the world to become apart of something that is bigger than themselves. It is our mission to shed light on the new generation of basketball players all over the world. 

At MVP Ball,  we also offer our customers the option to customize their own Overseas basketballs. To create your own custom go to the homepage and select a basketball in the customizer.